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Fall of 2024 - 2025

Homeschool Preschool Program

We will be starting a Preschool Program next year under the direction of Mrs. Nikkia Tolbert along with an additional Teacher Assistant, Mrs. Joy Blake, both of whom have much experience working with early learning.  It will meet Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and will be tailored for ages 3 to 5/6. The cost will be around $175/month with scholarships and sibling discounts available for an additional $25 per sibling. Students who are five or older will need to be legally registered as homeschoolers by the parents.  Our program will accommodate up to 10 students with a ratio of three to four adults in the classroom at any given time.  All students must be potty-trained.  Parents may also apply to help out in the classroom for a tuition discount, or may drop off at full price. Read more below about the Program and about Mrs. Tolbert:


About the GCC Pre-K Program:


Our learning environment will utilize a combination of curriculum and resources that will allow for an educational setting that: 


a) Promotes the development of learning upon a firm Biblical foundation

b) Promotes a love for learning and social-emotional development 

c) Promotes creativity, collaboration, and community


GCC Pre-K Learners will actively engage in the following subject areas:


Language Development 

Reading Readiness

Math Skills

Science Exploration 

Community & World Geography 

Music & Movement

Arts & Craft

Cultural Arts

Service to Others


Daily Chapel


About Ms. Tolbert…..

•Public School Teacher for 18 years

•PreSchool Educator for 8 years

•Homeschool learning for 6 years

•Served as: English & Social Studies Department Chair, Activities Coordinator, Family Liaison, Pre-K Team Lead

•Evangelist, 2016

•Homeschool Co-Op leader for 5 years

•Faithful & Fulfilled Wife

•Blessed Mom of 4

•Servant Leader


Students will need to bring daily: nut-free lunch and snack, crayons, folder, binder, paper, scissors, glue and a ruler. All other materials will be provided. 


To enroll, families may email for an application, and to schedule an interview. Then, a non-refundable yearly registration fee of $200 will be due per family.  Students ages four and up may also take hourly elective classes at the co-op also. 

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