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My family recently joined Global Christian Co-op and we have been immensely blessed by this Spirit-filled group. I have been chasing after Jesus since coming back to my faith in 2013, and have shared my testimony with countless teens in an effort to bring as many as I can to the Kingdom.

I led an all-girls teen group for about a year at Freedom Fellowship, covering hard topics and sharing our hearts. Apart from being a home school mom of 5, I am also a small business owner! I am a photographer with Wild Agape Photo Co. I love being able to use my creative eye as a form of ministry and a way to bless people.


Since joining Global Christian Co-op, I have been able to contribute my photography to our social media and yearbook. Now, I have felt the calling to teach and involve the kids in these endeavors.


I will be offering a Journalism class for the 2022-23 school year at Global Christian Co-op! We will cover photography and editing basics, responsible social media usage for marketing, we will write a monthly newsletter, and assist Danelle Frisbie with constructing the yearbook. This class is for ALL abilities, as there will be many positions to fill to keep everything running smoothly. This class is going to be so FUN and will provide your child with skills that will be applicable in the real world and job market. I am looking forward to working with your kids next year and sharing my passion with them! The class will be offered on Monday at 10:30 to ages 10 & up for $35 with a $5 sibling discount available.

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