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Carrie Doherty

I am a seasoned homeschool mom with 4 children, ages 24, 19, 17, and 9. I have my BS in Elementary Education and am a certified Life Coach specializing in behavior intelligence and executive function. Along with the experience of teaching my own children, I have been the jack of all trades within education for the last 30 years. I have been a tutor, curriculum writer, co-creator and administrator of a school, and an executive function/life coach. 13 years ago, the Lord asked me to begin studying the brain and leadership development. It has been a joy to learn at the feet of Jesus. Helping students understand how their brain works, discover who God made them to be, and watch them grow into strong young men and women who let their lives shine for Jesus is my greatest honor and joy!

K-4th Science, Games and Logic, History, Math Fact Building / Skills

Math Fact Building

Ages: 8-13
Cost: $35 per student, sibling discount available, one time materials of $20

Believe it or not, math can be F-U-N. But for some student’s math equals anxiety, fear, tears, and many times a feeling of failure. This course is designed to bring back the fun in learning while building confidence and mastery of basic math facts. These basic math facts are the building blocks of higher-level math and more complex algorithms. If we take time now to build a strong foundation, we set our children up for success. This class is geared toward children ages 8-13, but all are welcome. (younger students need teacher permission to join this class).

First semester we will focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and addition.  Second semester we will practice using those skills with fractions, decimals, percentage, and ratios.  

Math Skills

$40/month, sibling discount available, supply fee of $30

Math Skills – I can’t count how many times I’ve heard the words, “I HATE MATH!” And not just from
students. Even adults hate math and do everything they can to avoid it. I used to be one of them! But,
math doesn’t have to be scary! Math can be fun and “figureoutable”. Building a strong foundation in
numeracy and understanding operations is so important for success in higher level math yet few math
programs allow enough time for students to think and fully develop those skills.

This classroom is a safe space where children have time to think, where mistakes are opportunities to
learn, and where the process is just as important as the correct answer! They will learn from each other
and grow together as they are challenged to think outside the box and numbers become a little more
friendly. Each class will include at least one game and learning new ways to think about and use
numbers. The lower grades will focus on addition and subtraction while the older grades will include
multiplication, division, fractions, probability, and decimals.

Math Grades 3 -5

This class will be run very similar to my Math Skills classes including the fun games because the purpose is the same, for students to build a strong foundation in numeracy and understand operations. The main difference is that we will follow a curriculum. At this point, I plan on following The Right Start and/or Beast Academy. Homework will be minimal but necessary to continue building skills. Although we are following a curriculum, we will not rush through if the students are not ready.

​STEM/Science K-2 & 3-5 – Our God is a creative God and discovering how His creation is so exciting. We
will focus on Environmental Science which includes many aspects of biology, chemistry, physics, and an
appreciation of the Earth and its natural resources. Each year we will try to do different STEM based
experiments after learning about topics that may include water, energy, land, and air.

Monday will be lesson day, Wed. will be STEM/Project day
Cost: $50 per student or $35 if just attending one day, sibling discount available
Supply Fee: $30 one time fee

Sometimes, those hands on experiments that make science and learning so much fun are also the most challenging for moms to complete at home. Each week we will plan experiments to help students discover God’s creation. We will learn chemistry in the kitchen, build air powered cars, make our own volcanoes and rockets, and so much more. No matter what we do, your kids will have fun while learning. They’ll probably make a big mess while doing it too, but the best part is that you won’t have to clean it up.

Brain Games and Logic

Ages: 6-17
Cost: $40 per student, sibling discount available
Supplies: $20

Logic/Games – Does your child struggle with attention span, focus, organization, or test anxiety? Scientists have learned that our brain is functioning at it’s best when both hemispheres are working at the same time. This is called Whole Brain Thinking. In this class we will learn new skills that encourage the development of neuropathways between both hemispheres of the brain, creating whole brain thinkers! These skills are fun and challenging for all ages. For the greatest growth, practice at home is recommended. Many have seen huge improvements in attention span, sports ability, memory, and grades in school just by practicing these new skills.

This course will have 2 components to it. The first half of class we will focus on challenges from The Thinking Toolbox or The Fallacy Detective (alternating years), wonderful books that builds reasoning, thinking, and logic skills. The second half of class students will have time to play/learn games that build strategic thinking.
While the curriculum is designed for middle, the lessons are appropriate for both younger and older

The first half of class will be a lesson in Logic, (I have 2 really great books I will work through with the kids), and the second half of class will be set aside for strategic games and skill building.    

History 6 - 12 - World History

M/W $50, sibling discount available, no supply fee
*Must attend both days

God is creating a beautiful story and we have the honor of being a part of it. Most often kids view history classes as just a bunch of dates and dead people and take no interest in it. The times and dates are important but the STORY! Oh, how I love the stories, the people, the struggles, the victories, and even the defeats. My prayer is that the children will fall in love with history as we uncover some of the most inspiring stories and that they will see God’s hand in each one.

Typically, high school begins with US History and it’s one of my favorites to teach, however every time I
prayed about this class God kept leading me to World History. So, that’s where we will begin.
I am currently looking at a few curricula options & deciding whether to use just one or a compilation of a
few, but whatever we use it will include living books! Our classroom will be a place where students learn
historical events from all sides and cultural perspectives but also learn to ask questions and lots of them!
Including the most important question, “What is God saying?”

While this is a history class, the students will read, write, research, and present. If you would like this
class to include an English or Speech/Debate credit, please email me to discuss options at

Payment can be made to:
Venmo @Carrie-Doherty-6
paypal friends and family gifts or 757-650-1380
Zelle through phone number 757-650-1380 - Carrie Doherty

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