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Global Christian Co-op is a brand new Co-op that was birthed out of a Christian homeschool play group.  This is a program that will focus not just on academics, but also on raising up children who are filled with passion for Jesus, and a love for people and sharing their faith.  Real life trades, business development, and missionaries sharing with us will also be incorporated into our group learning too. The approach for learning will be creative, hands-on, interactive, and will elicit group discussion and group activity, along with incorporating hands-on lessons, and having class outside when able. 

Another focus will be on building friendships and community among families by participating together in field trips, homeless ministry, Evangelism events, Bible studies and worship events, and future mission trips. We want God’s presence to be felt in everything that we do, and we embrace the five-fold ministry and the gifts of the spirit.  The goal is for children to be well-rounded, to experience a variety of academic subjects and electives, to be an active part of a community of believers, and to grow to become passionately in love with Jesus.  Academics will be a part, but not the only part.  Jesus comes first in everything that we do!

Our location will be at a church in the Hilltop area of Virginia Beach, and our classes

will be for students from Kindergarten - 12th.  We will be breaking into groups for our learning, kind of like the one room school house model of K-4th, and 5th and up. Some classes are for Elementary age, some Middle, and some Middle/High depending on the class.  This allows for interaction with a wide variety of age groups, and makes for a more well-rounded student.



Monday and Wednesday Electives

Monday and Wednesday's from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. are a time of elective offerings for all ages.  The cost of electives is $35 to $50 per month for the hour long elective classes that meet 1-2 times weekly.  Some courses will offer a $5 sibling discount. All elective teachers are experienced in their subject area, love Jesus, and will teach from a Christian perspective and worldview.  Lessons will be creative, hands on, interactive, and will allow for group discussion along with individual work. Families can participate in Wednesday's electives, or both Monday and Wednesday's programming.  Parents may stay and help out once a background check is completed, or may drop off for electives.



Field Trip Friday's

One Friday a month, families can join in an optional group Field Trip together starting in the morning.  Some past field trips include Museums, the beach, worship in the Park, Williamsburg, or even weekend camping or tubing.  Fellowship and fun, and growing together as families and community are a huge part of our group. All group events will glorify God and help us to grow closer as a community of believers and friends.

"How good and pleasant is is when brothers live together in unity", Psalm 133:1.

"Not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another..."

Hebrews 10:25.


Monday's Group Day

 Monday's Group Day is for grades K-12, and will cost $100 for monthly family tuition, or $150 for monthly tuition if parents are working and unable to stay.  We will learn a variety of subjects as a group, and will split into 2 groups for lower and upper grades for specific subjects.  Each parent will volunteer in one of the three ways: leading or co-leading one 30 minute subject lesson weekly, front desk help, or nursery team, and all families will help with set up and tear down. We will have a nursery area for moms with babies to use.


Lunch and Chapel Hour

This is a time that is free to join, and takes place each Monday and Wednesday, with Lunch being from 11:30 - 11:55, and Chapel from noon to 12:30.  During the last few minutes of lunch, older students ages 10 and up help with five minutes of light cleaning around the co-op. During chapel, we will often have Guest speakers or Missionaries sharing with the whole group, in addition to Hip Hop or Liturgical Dance Chapel for all ages, Teen Girls Chapel, Teen Boys Chapel, and K - 5th Chapel.  

*Students who would like to take both Monday's Group Learning day and do electives during that time may do so by just pulling away from group learning to do their desired elective, and then returning back to Group learning once their hour long elective is done.  The price of Group learning is pro-rated by $25 if a student misses an hour of Group Learning.  So long as one sibling is  present during group learning during any given hour, the fee must be paid.

Administrator Biography

My name is Lauren Holmes, and I love Jesus with all my heart!  I am excited to bring together a group of Jesus loving families in order to educate our kids for His glory.  My academic background consists of degrees and studies at Duke University, George Mason University, and Regent University, and I have served as a Professor, Lead Faculty Area Chair and Mentor for the State of VA at two Universities, Faculty Mentor, Teacher, Curriculum and Workshop Developer and Leader, and owned multiple businesses.  All of that being said, my first priority is that our children love and serve Jesus, have fun, have a vibrant community, and learn to be Evangelists even as kids, no matter what career path they choose.  Jesus comes first, and academics second.  The goal is for academics to be a part, but not to be the only part.  Learning is to be creative, interactive, hands-on, fun and laid back, and not a burden to families.  We will continue to always seek Jesus first as to how He wants to lead us to as we teach our children not just academics, but also how to grow in Christ and share His word with others.

College Prep/Middle and High School Transcript Help

Preparing transcripts and applying for college as a homeschooler is easier than you think!  Our liason in this area is Mrs. Bustetter who offers one workshop each semester in this area at our co-op.  Families have felt much peace with the process and a burden lifted after taking her workshops.  We also have Regent Representatives visit once each semester to guide parents through the college preparation process, answer questions, and do a short devotional with older students. 

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