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Emili Dillahunty

Hello! My name is Emili Dillahunty. I have been loving and serving the Lord Jesus for almost 30 years. I am a homeschool mom of two, and my husband Kevin and I have been married for 14 years. I have been serving in ministry since I was 14, most of which has been in children’s and youth ministry as Children’s Choir Director and Children’s Musical Director.  I have served on many worship teams as a vocalist, and taught children’s discipleship classes. I am currently the Children’s Pastor at a local church.

Music Appreciation / Praise Dance Grades K- 5th, Home Economics for K - 5th and 6th

My music background consists of 7 years of music education, and I play the flute and the ukulele. I believe music is an invaluable part of every person’s life. If you've ever gotten a commercial jingle stuck in your head, I'm sure you understand just how music can weave into our hearts and minds. Music can be a beautiful vehicle for truth and encouragement. By introducing our children to diverse styles and the mechanics of music early on, we open their minds to the language that is music, and foster their curiosity to explore expression in many forms.

​Music Appreciation

K - 5th: $35 per month
$30 one time supply fee, sibling discount available

​We will be exploring the 5 basic elements of music: Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Form, and Timbre, along with learning music theory and history. We will
introduce music throughout history from classical to modern day. We will play games and instruments to reinforce the concepts and information of the lesson. The students we work as a large group, in small groups and individually during various parts of each class. I will be providing a syllabus by mid- summer for a more detailed look at lesson topics including composers, music selections, and music therapy connections.

Home Economics 


$35 per month, and $30 one time supply fee
$10 monthly to spend towards food purchased to bring in for recipe, sibling discount available

​Classes will focus on the areas of crocheting and yarn crafts, plastic canvas for the younger children, cross stitch for the older ones, scrapbooks/paper crafts, sewing, and painting on various materials, (ex: wood, canvas, etc.).  We will be using acrylics and water-color paints.  With the younger ones, we will also explore finger painting.  Some crafts will be holiday, nature, or Christian themed, and project themes will be open for discussion.  We will also do some meal planning and no bake meals for home economics, as well as cookies and cakes, such as dirt, (Oreo) or sand (vanilla cookie) cakes, for example.

Praise and Worship Dance 
$35 per month
$30 one time supply fee, sibling discount available

​Payments can be made to:
Zelle @
cash app $EmiliDillahunty

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