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My name is Lauren Holmes, I love Jesus with all my heart and I am happily married with 2 tween kids.  In addition to acting as co-op Administrator this year, I will also be teaching Spanish and High School Writing. I learned Spanish in school starting in 5th grade and studied throughout college, doing coursework in Spanish Language and Literature while at Duke University and George Mason University.  I have since done both oral and written translations both here as well as in Mexico for work and on mission trips.  I love the Spanish language and the culture of its people.

My academic background consists of degrees and studies at Duke University, George Mason University, and Regent University, and I have served as a Professor, Lead Faculty Area Chair and Mentor for the State of VA at two Universities, Faculty Mentor, Teacher, Curriculum and Workshop Developer and Leader, and owned multiple businesses.

Spanish 1 and 2


Spanish Class will consist of us working through a Spanish 1 or 2 curriculum.  Spanish 1 Class will include weekly homework, quizzes and new vocabulary which come directly from the book.  Class will be interactive, hands on, allow for in-class speaking and writing practice, and we will allow for in class projects.  We will also be learning about the culture and people of Spanish speaking countries.  We will incorporate weekly and monthly review of all concepts, as with languages, all learning is built on remembering vocabulary in order to progress.

​See you in class.  Nos vemos en la clase!

Cost for Spanish Classes: $45/student, with $5 discount for 2nd student

Spanish 1 Book: Glencoe Spanish 1, Buen Viaje, ISBN for Student Edition: 0-02-641219-5
Materials fee: One time fee of $25 per student

Payments can be made to Lauren Holmes (friends and family gifts only):
Paypal friends and family gifts
venmo @lauren-elizabeth-271


High School Writing

This writing course is designed for students who enjoy formal and creative writing to express their voices better. Students will explore the elements of numerous forms of writing: personal narratives, expository essays, persuasive essays, poetry, creative non-fiction, and children’s literature, among others. Students will engage in developmental lessons, writing studies, and peer review/conferences to develop original writing pieces. While writing is the essential component of the class, games and projects are also included to enhance the student’s knowledge of literary elements, format, and structure. The final work must be typed and printed for most essays and projects. MLA format will be taught and is required for some essays, as instructed. Writing skills will be emphasized in this course. Students will practice writing journals, essays, reports, poetry, creative pieces, and multi-paragraph analysis papers. The course will include exams/quizzes focusing on literary elements, grammar and IEW.  Students will complete Outlines, Peer Reviews, Rough Drafts and Final Drafts for the following essay types: Narrative, Autobiographical, Expository, Persuasive and Descriptive. Some essays will include Works Cited and in-text citations.

Class Cost: $40/month for the Wednesday class, $5 off for the 2nd sibling

Materials Fee: $10/student one time fee

*No book is needed - materials will be supplied in class

Payments can be made to Lauren Holmes: 

Paypal friends and family gifts

Venmo @lauren-elizabeth-271

Cash app $Lholmes79

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